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Ethiopia Kembata Natural

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Flavor Notes
Cocoa, Orange, Strawberry


Natural on Raised Beds


This coffee is really special to us, as we had been hesitant about marketing it before we truly felt like the roast profile we have now made it something worth selling. We wanted to give due credit to the farmer who raised this coffee. This particular farm is located in the Durame village of Kembata, Ethiopia.

At 2101 the soil is more than optimal to grow some delicious coffees. The farmers incorporate a 36-48 hour of the fermentation process in the wet mill and then use raised beds for drying beans in the sun. If you are familiar with Natural drying process, you know how challenging and labor intensive this process is. The cherries that remain are then dried over 15-21 days. The resulting coffee is an extremely complex cup marked with notes of blueberry and strawberry. Anything we can say about this coffee will fall short of doing justice to the work that has gone into bringing it to you and for that, we just hope that you enjoy consuming as much as we enjoyed roasting and sourcing it for you.

General Info:

  • Variety: Heirloom
  • Processing: Natural
Sensory Info:
  • Flavor Notes: Cocoa, Orange, Strawberry