Crosley T150 Modern 2-Speed Bluetooth Turntable System


Complete Startup Kit for listening to your favorite records. Check out our subscription for Vinyls and Coffee!


  • Comes with a free starter Vinyl
  • Complete, easy-to-set-up 2-speed turntable with included stereo speakers
  • Built-in Bluetooth receiver allows you to stream your favorite music to the 30-watt speakers
  • Built-in, switchable preamp allows you to easily pair with any stereo component of your choice
  • Take control of your analog listening experience thanks to a pitch control knob, an aluminum tone arm with an adjustable counterweight, and RCA outputs
  • Moving magnet cartridge is pre-mounted and aligned at the factory; uses standard 1/2″ mount so you can switch up cartridges

Shipped by Spina Records


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