You know that friend of yours that has the crazy idea? The one that complains about their day job and spends their time Googling artsy pictures of new businesses. The one that tweets about this amazing party they’re at but they still feel sad and alone. We’re not those friends. We had an idea, signed a lease, pulled the trigger.

In comes a building with “hidden” retail space just begging for greatness, and a landlord willing to give a break to two bright-eyed kids who were freshly unemployed. Thus Hidden Grounds was born. What you see today is a testament to countless hours of research, hard work, and hope. The best part of Hidden Grounds is that it’s a team success. A mother in India sends us the spices for our Masala Chai, a close friend named the business, and another gave us the recipe for our body cleanse juice.

Oh and the coffee? Purchased from the finest sources we could find and freshly ground every morning. Espresso is religiously brewed for 26 seconds to capture deep flavor and full body. There’s a good reason we were voted as one of the Best Coffee Shops in Central New Jersey. Cream cheese mixes are handmade, produce is hand selected, and all of our signature sandwiches are made to order by hand only after you order it. Our Bagel Sandwiches and Masala Chai are uniquely designed to perfection. Our gluten free items are a must try! 

At Hidden Grounds we put ourselves into the shop. We learn your drink, know your story, and are happy to see you every time you visit.

After spending months observing coffeeshops, Anand decided to start his own. From a common passion, arose an uncommon career - in his talk, he shares his experiences as a business owner, devoted community member and most importantly, a challenger of defined norms.

Keeping true to his dreams, Anand decided to open Hidden Grounds in 2013 as a way of breaking the state of constant. After three years of operating a successful business, Anand is in the constant chase of discovering untapped potential personally and professionally. As an undying passion, he dreams of starting a non-profit organization to facilitate homelessness in securing the basic necessities of life. What he hopes to achieve through his business is the ability to constantly make his passion into a reality. Raised in India, Anand moved to United States when he was 14. He earned degrees in computer information systems and knowledge strategy from University of Houston and Columbia University.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at