Hidden Grounds University: Pour Over 101

Learn how to make the perfect cup of pour over coffee at work or home. This class will be led by our owner, Anand. This will be a completely hands-on class. You will get to learn latte art theory and technique.

We will cover the following in this class:
1) Introduction to coffee beans and recommended coffees for Pour Over technique.
2) Theory and Practice of Pouring
3) Theory and Practice of Blooming
4) Theory and Practice of measurements and timing. 

Join us with your significant other, date or just come to learn what it takes to be a Barista.

There is a fee for attending this class. You can buy your tickets from the link above. All of the fees associated with this event will go directly to covering the cost of the materials used. 
There will be a coffee giveaway at the end of the class.