Latte Art Training - Level 1 Barista


Ever wanted to be a Barista?
Ever wanted to work at a coffee shop?
Ever wanted to start your own coffee shop?

If the answer is yes to any of those, you need to attend this all day course, certifying you as a professional Barista. This is going to be an all day course where you will get an opportunity to learn the following:

-General Coffee Knowledge
-What does it take to be a Barista?
-Pros and Cons of being a Barista
-Pour-over Coffee Essentials
-Espresso and Milk Steaming Fundamentals
-Customer Service Essentials
-Latte Art Essentials
-Barista Practical Exam
-Barista Written Exam

Please note: There will be an hour dedicated to lunch and two hours dedicated to practicing different technique. This will be a classroom format where we will learn everything there is to know about coffee, how it grows, what are the different ways of brewing. This class is a comprehensive look at coffee from a Barista perspective. 

There are only 7 seats available. Buy your tickets before it's sold out.