coLab Story Slam Night I

coLAB Story Slam:

New Brunswick's community is an exciting and diverse city, containing a wealth of experience. Join us in March and April to hear those stories as first hand accounts from those who experienced them. You're also welcome to participate and tell us your own story!

WHAT WE DO: coLAB Arts provides opportunities for emerging artists through high quality programming and arts education.

MISSION: coLAB Arts' mission is to cultivate a hip, mindful, and inclusive Hub City community of artists, audiences, and critics empowered to create inspired and inspiring art.

coLAB Arts is a tax-exempt nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

HISTORY: From its initial inception in 2006 as the Lab Theater Company, a student organization of Rutgers University, the leadership of coLAB Arts (formerly Collaborative Arts) has been committed to a vision to serve the New Brunswick community by providing support to young or emerging artists who are producing investigative and risk-taking work. What began as a group of individuals dedicated to developing their craft as artists and finding their voice has expanded into a collective that believes that in order to bring artistic creations to the public eye, one must build up an entire community of creativity.

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