Micheal Boutoussov

- Latte Art Expert

- Detailed Oriented

- Mustache Grower Expert

- All round Star and Mr.Popular of Hidden Grounds

Andrew K

- Mastered Closing the store perfectly

- Fixer upper of tasks around the store

- Mr. Business Owner himself

- Great Anand Impersonator


- Master Baker

- Aficionado at storage runs and getting shit done

- Baby of the HG Family

- Holds multiple names (never know what to call him :)


July - Aman Arora

- Barista level IIIII

- Professional Employee Morale Booster

- Proud Owner of countless work-related one-liners

- Awarded "Biggest Justin Bieber Fan" award for 2013, 14, 15 & early 16. 

- Cold Brew Guy

June - Sam Vargas

- Expert Opener

- Highly Detail-Oriented

- Quick and Efficient

- A True Stage Performer

- Newly Engaged

- Loves to Travel

May - John Colaiacovo III

- Complete Team Player

Drummer at Rose Boulevard

Piano Player at Two Five One

- Lover of Cold Brew (Black)

- Started off as a Busboy & now a proud Barista


- First ever recipient of Hidden Grounds "Employee of the Month"

Unofficial Ireland Tour Guide

Complete Team Player

- Prickly Pear Iced Tea Fan

- Barista Level 100%

- If you ever happen to be at Hidden Grounds, order Bagel, Egg & Cheese from her. As her coworkers might tell you, "she makes phenomenal eggs!"